Andrew Hudson

I'm a front-end developer based in sunny Oxfordshire. hello!

Weeknotes #19

We have finally moved house! Last week was super stressful and tiring Marion went back to work Emma started nursery and didn’t sleep well all week We moved house on Friday to Wallingford from Cholsey finally completing our move from Didcot (we had to rent while our new house was being built).

Weeknotes #18

Beautiful spring weather has finally arrived; Arthur mastered cycling; Emma is climbing the stairs and the cycling season has started.

Weeknotes #17

This was the last week for me: A lot of other people are doing weeknotes. I personally love doing them as it gives me a chance to reflect on the past week and share some personal things that I would normally not write. I ran a 12 mile long run home via Goring along the […]

Weeknotes #16

Last week was holiday time with Marion, Emma and Arthur.

Weeknotes #15

Hot winter weather, a date day at the Spa and weekend at the parents were followed by an exciting week of Electron development.