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Track Cycling

On Saturday afternoon I spent an incredible hour at the Olympic Velodrome in East London having my first ever taste of track cycling. Marion had bought me a ticket for a taster session. At the beginning I was shitting myself having never been on the track with its 42° corners, AND never having been on […]

Morning Runner

Some people might say that there is never enough time in the day to go running. But there is always time. In the morning before everyone is up!

The Economy of Keystrokes – Kyle Simpson

Earlier today I watched this is a excellent video about writing code that can be read, understood, documented and accessible to all that will use it in the future (be that you, your team or anyone else).

Happy 2016!!!

It’s the 4th of January and my first day back in the UK after an fantastic holiday with family in France – the food, weather and company were excellent, and Arthur wants to walk everywhere and has learned how to stand up with help of furniture. It’s that time of the year when resolutions are […]