About Me

I’m a front-end and JavaScript developer based in Wallingford, Oxforshire, UK.

Outside of work I love running, experimenting with my Raspberry Pi, taking photographs, and listening to music. I’m husband of Marion and father of Arthur.

I specialise in front-end and JavaScript development I love working with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and WordPress. I relish optimising code and development processes with tools and standards.


This Site

This site is powered by WordPress on Nginx. I have secured everything with ssl/tls and it utilises http/2 (h2) and is https://big-andy.co.uk with the power of Letsencrypt.

The theme is built on top of the Zurb Foundation 5 Grid pure CSS. Code linting and concatenation and minification, autoprefixing, uncss, criticalcss, svg optimisation is all handled by Gulp and CSS is compiled by PostCSS SCSS (easier to use Chrome Devtools Workspaces with sass).

For the typography I am using Open Sans from Google Fonts via the Google Webfont Helper (I can self-host giving a 100/100 pagespeed insights score)… combined with localFont I can inline the font in base-64 format in opensans.css and then cache in the browser’s localStorage.

All my code is on Github.

Contact Me

You can contact me via twitter, mobile 077 36063 671, or email