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FF Conf 2016

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FFConf is a front-end conference held in Brighton every year and here are my notes from the talks that stood out:

Future CSS - Rachel Andrew SLIDES #

Rachel covered a number of different future / current in some browsers CSS such as flexbox, grid, @supports, shapes and path-clipping, initial letter, css variables and calc, position: sticky and scroll snapping.

Technologic (human after all): accessibility remix - Léonie Watson - SLIDES #

Excellent accessibility talk with reference to screen readers, writing HTML with aria-roles.

  • Aria roles
  • Aria name e.g. aria-labelledby
  • Aria state e.g. aria-checked
  • Use inbuilt HTML semantics e.g. use button not div with aria-role="button"
  • Test without mouse, using screen reader

Optimise Your Web Development Workflow - Umaar Hansa #

100+ slides with many cool features that are in Chrome Dev Tools. Tools including:

Open dev tools, press F1, Goto "experiments" tab, press shift 6 times. Check out his dev tool tips for more!

Other Write-ups #

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