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Weeknotes #10

Gym twice a week – Weds after work, Fri before work – at the moment I prefer to go before work but it does mean getting up earlier.  Running on Sunday – really muddy, lovely to get outside after all the time in the gym on the machines. Went to Swindon to the designer outlet […]

Weeknotes #9

I have finally joined the gym (thanks to work paying for it!) so have been thrice. Also: #ffconf

Weeknotes #8

This week was spent mostly on trains, with a little bit of wedding and birthday in between.

Weeknotes #7

This week was mostly about learning and reading.

How to trigger a webhook with WordPress

I have a Gatsby site which is a static Server Side Rendered (SSR) site built using React and hosted on Netlify. I wanted to trigger a build when I published a new post (or updated an existing one) in WordPress and here’s how I did it. Get webhook url from Netlify In WordPress code: