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Weeknotes #12

At work I am developing an Electron app. I get to use React for the front-end, for the connection between local server and Electron app. All very exciting! I have new XC running shoes – I bought Solomon Speedcross 4 Went for first muddy run in new XC shoes Visited a friend in Winchester […]

Weeknotes #11

Bro and his g/f stayed over with us last weekend Went running in the rain on Saturday morning (new rain jacket is excellent) and got lost, had to ford deep stream got totally wet and muddy – double win! Went to the gym 3x. Finally bought my first pair of running headphones (Jaybird Freedom – […]

Weeknotes #10

Gym twice a week – Weds after work, Fri before work – at the moment I prefer to go before work but it does mean getting up earlier.  Running on Sunday – really muddy, lovely to get outside after all the time in the gym on the machines. Went to Swindon to the designer outlet […]

Weeknotes #9

I have finally joined the gym (thanks to work paying for it!) so have been thrice. Also: #ffconf

Weeknotes #8

This week was spent mostly on trains, with a little bit of wedding and birthday in between.