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Codepen all the things

Every time I have an issue with code I turn straight to codepen to make a small demo to concentrate on only the parts that will affect the problem. If it is JS then I add the minimum HTML and then work through the issue in the JS window, same if it is with CSS.

I love it.

Angular with WP API

Here is how you can use the WP API to pull in the 10 latest posts using Angular.

Arthur is 6 months Old

On Saturday it was 6 months since Arthur was born and he’s doing really well. Attempting to crawl, he also talks and smiles a lot. Did I mention that he loves food?

Arthur is now 80 days old

Time flies. Arthur is now 11.5 weeks old and doing well. Each day he continues to change and life is a continual wonder, both for us to observe his new skills and abilities and for him.