Andrew Hudson's Blog


Personal Statement

I am a full-stack software engineer with 11+ years experience creating highly performant and usable products, websites, desktop applications, and browser extensions.


  1. Senior Front-End Developer


    Venture Harbour Wallingford, UK

    • Web app development with Next.js, GraphQL and Typescript.
    • Creation of component library with Storybook to showcase and document
    • Break down problems into solutions and solutions into tasks, creating prototypes when required
    • Desktop Application and Browser Extension development
    • Optimise Performance of each of our sites and products and automate testing and CI for each deployment.
  2. Full Stack Web Developer

    Taylor & Francis Didcot, UK

    • I created custom performant WordPress and Expression Engine sites
    • I hand-crafted a node tool to benchmark and monitor Business Sites using the Web Page Test API and display with React
    • Perform performance audits and carry out improvements on business and society sites
  3. Front-end Developer

    Photocrowd Oxford, UK

    • Creating new components and pages using React/Relay and Less from Photoshop designs
    • Implementing Webpack into the development process to allow for code modularity, linting, and writing future JS (ES2015) code with Babel
    • Applying BEM code methodology for new CSS components
  4. Front-end WordPress Developer

    Electic Studio Didcot, UK

    • I created highly customised WordPress sites from Photoshop designs, with custom post-types, taxonomies, meta boxes, shortcodes and functions.
    • The sites were performant, using best practices and technologies, built within budget and in timeframes.
    • Pre-launch client training, dealing with any client feedback via Basecamp or telephon
  5. Front-end WordPress Developer

    HeathWallace Ltd Reading, UK

    • I built highly accessible websites for clients including HSBC, RBS and Grant Thornton
    • Using CMSs such as WordPress, CQ5 and Sitecore to allow the client to control all content on their site
    • Knowledge Sharing through weekly masterclass sessions (I ran three : WordPress; CSS3; and Sass)


  • TypeScript, React, and Node
  • CSS (scss / CSS / CSS-in-JS / CSS Modules)
  • GraphQL, Apollo, and Databases (Firebase and Postgres)
  • Serverless functions with custom API routes
  • Gatsby, Next.js, Eleventy, and CMS including WordPress
  • Modular components and showcasing with Storybook
  • Electron and Browser Extension development

Relevant Experience

Here are a selection of the sites, app and browser extension that I have made:

  • MergeCoin (WIP) a Github based team productivity app that incentivizes and rewards PR code and reviews. Tailwind, NextJS, Github API.
  • TrueNorth - marketing web app using NextJS, Typescript, GraphQL, Apollo, Prisma, with a Material-UI based component library.
  • Serene App – Productivity Application for MacOS users using Electron, Firebase, React and nodejs. and companion Browser Extensions
  • Serene Chrome Extension using React,, Firebase and WebExtensions API.
  • – turn into Progressive Web App (PWA) and add new features with React, the WordPress Rest API and WordPress.
  • – turn into Progressive Web App (PWA) and add new features.
  • – front-end development with React/Relay, Less, and webpack
  • – WordPress site using ACF Pro so any part of the site was manageable by the client
  • – custom responsive WordPress site with many interactive features, galleries, and css transitions
  • – single page responsive WordPress site with flexbox, responsive images, and SVG
  • – responsive WordPress blog for Oxford University Press
  • – responsive single page WordPress site
  • – my GitHub account
  • – This site - powered currently by Eleventy using data exported from my old WordPress site. PostCSS for the CSS.
  • Codepen: personal and work


  • Masters CIW Web Designer
  • MChem (hons) Chemistry – University of Manchester


  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Photography
  • Coffee